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We are often asked what “SEWC” stands for.  It was borne from some friendly banter on our local car club website and the location for where we worked on our cars was labelled “South East Wight Customs”, and became SEWC for short.  The name seems to have stuck, so we have kept it as we evolved from autotesting, to circuit racing the locost, to now running a stockhatch for a fellow Islander, Matt Price.

Brian Robbins is chief at SEWC and spends his daytime running RH Machinery, a steel fabricators.  He is a really handy guy to have in the paddock, able to fabricate parts and has a great understanding of mechanicals. He has also been assitsing Matt Price with the preparation of his Locost as well as assisting our good friend Richard Weaver at FlatCap RallyeSport with his historic RS2000 rally car.

Dan “Big Dawg” Westwood is an integral part of the SEWC team.  A real cool headed fellow who ensures that everything is just right on race day as well as back at SEWC HQ when spannering on the locost. His passion is VW’s although he likes to keep this a secret – he yearns for a formula Vee and I am sure one day he will be racing his own one.

James Robbins has been active with SEWC over the past couple of years, assisting at race events and preparation of the cars.  A calm and collected chap, he is never flustered and has an all important sense of humour, able to cope with any situation thrown at him.  A handy fellow to have around when challenges arise.

Neil Corney is the newest member to the SEWC squad, assisting Ryan with race prep and on-the-day car checks.  Not only handy with the spanners, Neil has access to some of the finest sausages and burgers ensuring the team never go hungry!

Ryan Munt has completed his self built locost and commenced his campaign in 2013, with some outstanding results.  Ryan, proprietor of Brighstone Grange Service Station is an accomplished spanner man and had already proven himself on track in his locost with some excellent first results.

Finally, Matt “Bazra” Price has been helping out at SEWC over the past few years and is currently the Membership Secretary for the Isle of Wight Car Club and involved in running their first class autotest series.  He has a passion for track driving and has taken the plunge in 2012 by completing his ARDS test and entering the stockhatch series with the 750 Motor Club.  Following some great races in 2012, Baz purchased an ex-race locost and is currently rebuilding this with assistance from Brian and Ryan ready to campaign from late 2013. SEWC offer full support and hopefully “Baz” will do as well as Steve and Ryan, gaining the necessary 6 signatures required to lose the novice sticker and then compete at the Birkett in October.

And then there is me.  Not a lot to say really other then I have always had a passion for motorsport and in particular circuit racing.  Having never raced before, I took the plunge and got my ARDS in 2010 after doing a few trackdays, and then threw myself with massive help from Brian and Dan into Locosts, and have never looked back.  This year we are running a proven championship winning car and hope to have a great season, working our way towards the front of what is one of the most competitive and certainly the closest contested race series in the UK.

Left to right: Steve Wells, James Robbins, Brian Robbins, Dan Westwood, Matt “Bazra” Price (seated) and Ryan Munt

2 Responses to About SEWC

  1. Dave Boucher says:

    Hi Steve
    Nice web site, especially the videos.
    I also like the orange #82 car in the picture at the top of your web page.
    But I am slightly biased as it’s my car!
    See you at Snett to discuss royalties for use of the picture.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi thanks , after reading all about locost here and costings . I have finally took a leap into this world. I have also. Been reading up on how you made your seat as I need to make one , very informative . I may need a helper ,is it advisable to involve the wife. I am about to take my ards so I shall be about out at some point this year . Great site for help , cheers Chris

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