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We are often asked what “SEWC” stands for.  It was borne from some friendly banter on our local car club website and the location for where we worked on our cars was labelled “South East Wight Customs”, and became SEWC for short.  The name seems to have stuck, so we have kept it as we evolved from autotesting, to circuit racing the locost in the 750MC Locost Championship to now running a one-off kit car in the 750MC Sports Specials Championship and in Sports Libre Class at Sprints and Hillclimbs with the Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs (ACSMC).

A little about me….  Not a lot to say really other then I have always had a passion for motorsport and in particular circuit racing.  Having never raced before, I took the plunge and got my ARDS in 2010 after doing a few trackdays, and then threw myself into Locosts, and have never looked back.

In 2018 we upgraded after a 2 year break from Locosts into the 750MC Sports Specials Championship, completing rounds at Thruxton.  2019 saw 10 races over the 14 race season culminating in a 3rd and 4th place at a very wet Snetterton 300. In 2019 we also competed in the ACSMC Speed Championship and finished 2nd overall by 1 point, having clollected 10 class wins along the way.

2020 will see another year of circuit racing with 750MC this time addidng some ballast in the SEWC SubZero to qualify and contest all 14 rounds of the Class B and overall champioships.  Whilst there wont be as many sprints on our calendar as 2019, we will compete at a few sprints and hillclimbs when there aren’t race calsndar clashes.

Left to right: Steve Wells, James Robbins, Brian Robbins, Dan Westwood, Matt “Bazra” Price (seated) and Ryan Munt with the Class Winners 2011 trophies from the Birkett 6 hour race.

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  1. Dave Boucher says:

    Hi Steve
    Nice web site, especially the videos.
    I also like the orange #82 car in the picture at the top of your web page.
    But I am slightly biased as it’s my car!
    See you at Snett to discuss royalties for use of the picture.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi thanks , after reading all about locost here and costings . I have finally took a leap into this world. I have also. Been reading up on how you made your seat as I need to make one , very informative . I may need a helper ,is it advisable to involve the wife. I am about to take my ards so I shall be about out at some point this year . Great site for help , cheers Chris

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