Castle Combe, May 2013

Once again the Locost Series were invited to race at Castle Combe and with good results from Mallory, hopes were high of some great finishes at this beautiful circuit.

With one Locost on the grid for this event we concentrated on getting a good qualifying result and were rewarded with 7th on the grid for both races, with a full grid of 42 cars.

Race 1 was red flagged after pole sitter Lee Bankhurst was unable to start his car on the line following being gridded up and was hit by a back marker at some speed.  The restart went well and saw us move up to 4th place on lap 2, catching the 3 leaders who were battling hard.  Dropping a rear wheel off the kerb at Bobbies Chicane saw us spinning off and rejoining a lowly 26th before finishing 16th. Very disappointing and a huge error to make from such a good position that early in the race.

Race 2 was time to make amends for the earlier driver error.  Starting again from 7th, a good start passing Danny Andrew off the line but being squeezed as 42 Locosts battled for space on the ribbon of tarmac.  Unfortunately luck was not with us and unable to move across further due to a car on the offside, the nearside front came into contact with the offside rear of Sian’s car as we all squeezed for the same piece of tarmac, and the result was Sian and Glenn coming together.  With a damaged nosecone and popped radiator along with a bent wishbone, it was time to call it a day.  Thats racing!




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