Snetterton, May 2013

A first outing for Locost on the 300 circuit at Snetterton, and another full grid, this time 41 cars would be starting.  Snetterton is quite the power circuit and with a few issues with top end power, SEWC had been unable to get to the bottom of the issue.

Testing on Friday took place in extreme wet conditions, certainly racing would not have taken place with as much water on the track surface, and Saturday saw a change of conditions to dry racing for the qualifying and races.  Ryan Munt with the second SEWC car was present for his first races, the car looking stunning and very quick straight out of the box.

With Steve qualifying 16th and Ryan a creditable 25th, there were plenty of spaces to be made up in the race.  Ryan was fantastic, unphased at his first event and finishing a fantastic 20th, 5 places up on the start position, with the same for Steve, finishing 11th.

Race 2 would see Ryan starting from 25th and Steve from 14th.  Again, good clean racing followed and an outstanding result from Ryan in 21st making up places, with Steve dropping back to 15th.  Both cars in one piece, even if they had both had little excursions during the race!


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