Locost Series

The 750MC was formed in 1939 and has a long history of accommodating low cost motor sport.

The Locost Series consist of cars built to the specifications in the book “Build Your Own Sports Car for As Little As £250”. Cars are to be capable of passing an MOT on the day of the race and are powered by the 1300cc Ford Xflow engine.

Race Series Regulations are simple and straightforward and designed to ensure that a large budget does not mean better performace – for example Carbon, Titanium and Magnesium are banned from the cars to keep the costs down. Due to the design and lightweight, tyres can last up to an entire race season and at around £220 a set of four, show just how cheap Locost Racing can be.

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Click to view the Locost Regulations which can be found on the 750MC website.

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Cars can often be purchased, ready to race, for under £5000. For a front running car, expect to pay a little more of course! Check out the Race Cars For Sale on the 750 Motor Club website.

Entry Fees for 2020 have been set as follows:

Date Circuit Race length Entry fee
4/5 April Silverstone 2 x 15 £tba
23/24 May Croft 2 x 15 £tba
13/14 June Anglesey 2 x 15 £tba
18/19 July Snetterton 200 2 x 15 £tba
15 August Brands Indy 2 x 15 £tba
19 Sept Castle Combe 2 x 15 £tba
10 October Oulton Park 2 x 15 £tba

The only other costs to get you on the grid are the club membership fee of £25 annually and the cost to register for the race series of £135.

The season consist of 16 rounds, with the best 13 scores counting towards final championship points.  All rounds are at least double headers where 2 races take part over a weekend.  Locost grids are usually very popular and over subscribed, which frequently results in a group format of races. 

The racing is always close, but always fair.  With cars being all of very similar design and construction, racecraft plays an important part in achieving good results – something I certainly worked hard towards!

Most of all, I found when I was a novice racer that you are quickly befriended by fellow competitors who are all very keen to see you succeed. Its a very friendly championship and the paddock is always full of friendly faces.

Should you fancy Locost Racing, I would suggest popping along to any of the Locost race meetings and have a chat with any of the guys and girls in the  paddock. Alternatively, if you are ready to go racing but have yet to organise a car, there are usually a few “arrive and drive” packages available if you ask around.

The following video is from a typical race. Please excuse the poor racecraft!


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